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Reverse open-mindedness

Published 28 April 2011 by lordgriggs

      Writer,Michael Prescott, was a follower of the cult-leader Ayn Rand. In distancing himself from her , he has renounced rationalism. He had an experience that convinced him that the paranormal might be real and that rationalists  just aren’t  open-minded to fathom that.No, he is so open-minded that he lost his reason!He went from a cult that falsely claims to be rationalist but actually follows the logical fallacies and unconfirmed intuitions of  a closed-minded woman and her closed-system: she and Leonard Peikoff  state the forever-known Truth, no addition is possible!
     Prescott should have searched for a rational answer to his experience. I felt  as though I were in ‘ “The Twilight Zone” a few times when matters seemed so at odds with my memory, but on further experience, I found that no,  a rational answer existed. I am a schizotypal, who, unlike my fellow ones, abjures what Paul Kurtz calls ” The Transcendental Temptation,” the twin superstitions – the supernatural and the paranormal; I would know that I  was not an alien abductte!
   Prescott is akin to those former communists who became libertarians- jumped from one extreme ideology to another. ” Faith doth that to people.” Fr. Griggs
 Paranormalists claim the ad hoc explanation that skeptics provide an  inhibitory influence on their works! Those of those two temptations just use one rationalization after another ,schizophrenically!