Why have that illusory relationship?

Published 10 July 2012 by lordgriggs

  So God communicates with you. By what physics denies -telepathy? So He answers your prayers, alas, that’s the post hoc fallacy of coincidence, and apologists rationalize about unanwered ones. Why would you credit miracles when skeptics ever find them natural, even fraudulent. Do you ignore the harmful consequences of some faith-healings and exorcisms by rationalizing that why, lack of faith entered the scene?

  How can one have a relationship with that square circle as He lacks referents as Creator and so forth and has contradictory,incoherent attributes as we ignostics claim?

   Why one would want that relationship? Love? Fear of the divine protection racket?

 Ponder the articles here to arrive at a new understanding of why we gnu atheists find theism no there there!


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