Review of Reasonable Faith

Published 8 July 2012 by lordgriggs

Review of Reasonable Faith

viaReview of Reasonable Faith.


2 comments on “Review of Reasonable Faith

  • When skeptics like the Amazing Randi, James Randi, follow up about faith-healings and exorcisms they find no evidence for those putative miracles. So, Hume and Spinoza beg no question here! Apologists can proffer reasons to find them begging the questin, they err,because of the lack of evidence for miracles!
    So much for poor,poor Craig!

  • Reblogged this on Spinoza of the South and commented:

    Spinoza is so right! Apologists never can adduce evidence for miracles! This is not dogma nor a priori but merely the justified demand for evidence.
    Spinoza argues for a reality-based Nature instead of that of the faith-based ones of theologians. We atheologians salute him, David Hume and Thomas Paine for their critiques of miracles!

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