Theism- empty promises!

Published 4 June 2012 by lordgriggs

      Theism is per Lamberth’s reduced animism argument just one supreme spirit instead of the many of full animism or polytheism and just as superstitious! Both reduced and full point to  a mind behind natural phenomena. It is an ignorati oelenchi-irrelevant- to prattle that the supreme one is the ulltimate explanation as that means nothing more than God did it!

      No difference exists betwixt praying to the volcano God not to set off another volcano and to pray against any Holocaust! Both reflect the superstitious attitude of finding solace behind Nature.Per Lamberth’s atelic argument, as science finds no divine intent behind natural phenomena, to ascribe intent contradicts science instead of complementing it  so that theistic evolution is an oxymoronic obscurantism, and thus affirms the argument from reduced animism.

 The promise of personal explanation then fails. Swinburne and Craig, as usual,  err!

  His argument from pareidolia notes that people have the superstition of seeing the pareidolias of  teleology-intent-desired outcomes and designs when only teleonomy- m echanism- causalism- no directed outcomes- rules. They see those tow matters as people see Marian apparitions and Yeshua on a tortilla.

 Theism  promiises rests on people’s own inner resources: God serves as that inspiration to do better. One then become happier and finds a purpose. We humaists relish that we find our own happiness,meanings and purposes.: we know that ti’s our own inner resources, not that superstition , that spurs us pon!

 People can pray to me for just as much reason as to Him,getting the same results, nothing! Answered prayer is merely post hoc- coincidental whilst theists have excuses for unanswered ones.

  Theism promises miracles but any phenomena is natural. Theists never will provide evidence of any actual miracle, those that the Vatican apprives fail as faith-based experts wrongly identify what happened.

  Theism priomises happiness, but when evils abound, then oh, God promises no rose gardens,ever the excuse

  Theism promises the future state but no evidence for such exists.None exists for Heaven and Hell. And we don’t have free will for HIm not to overwhelm!

   Christianity promises salvation, but that is irrational as expiaton should come in a rational manner. Murdering one for the many here is quite irrational.  And Yeshua did not rise anyway- another failed promise!


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