Article | First Things

Published 28 May 2012 by lordgriggs

Article | First Things

viaArticle | First Things.


One comment on “Article | First Things

  • Feser is one of those who believe in the profundity of superciliousness! Why would there ever be nothing whatsoever. Aquinas fails in his third way -the contingency argument – as he begs the question of necessary being versus contingent beings. Science does qualify to deny the God’s very existence! No, nothing could ever be the status of Existence,because the quantum fields in line with the law of conservation cannot be originated or negated: one begs the question of whence the fields. Why be a clown asking that?
    The laws are also eternal, and God would thus depend on them than they on Him! How then could He be that Primary Cause?
    No, Feser, you should learn some astro-physics instead of posturing theologically with begged questions,sir! You advanced theologians rank with fundamentalist ones in that you both have this problem: Logic is the bane of theists.

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