Ethics Without Gods | American Atheists

Published 1 April 2012 by lordgriggs

Ethics Without Gods | American Atheists

viaEthics Without Gods | American Atheists.


One comment on “Ethics Without Gods | American Atheists

  • This underscores my covenant morality for humanity- the presumption of humanism and Richard Carrier’s goal theory.^ Plato, atheist hater, serves us well in the Euthyphro that morality is indeed independent of God. I add, and so are the laws of Nature and thus, He’d be dependent on both instead of them on Him and thus He cannot be that PrimaryCause!
    Our evolved morality -nature and our nurture do play their role as our determinants: we don’t have contra-causal [ causeless] free will.Rather we have our determined choices.This denial of free will helps us to be more moral! We then recognize our and others’ limitations without assuming that we all are at the mercy of randomness in our choices: they do have causes that help us achieve our aims.
    We have no souls. Psychology finds none. No souls and no free will means that we are just embodied beings at the wonderful power of our determinants.
    We are free. As independent beings, no God would rightly have dominion over us anyway!

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