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Swinburne-sophisticated theologian- advanced silliness

Published 15 March 2012 by lordgriggs

    Richard Swinburne seriously maintains that the Holocaust,despite its evils, opens people’s hearts to God and He has produced goods out of those evils. Such can close people’s minds to Him! We naturalists find that so much unrequited evil counts against Him as omni-God or limited God whilst believers rush to that mere term, which never comes to anyones aid!

    God could have produced good from good instead. Why with the establishment of Israel, a good that He could have done in good ways, has led to more strife betwixt Jewry and Arabs. That is just another argument from ignorance!

     Peter Atkins  appropriately told him where to go!

     Swinburne does not fathom the Ockham; he feels that as God is simple- is He?- then He’s simpler than mere naturalism but no, God has His convoluted, ad hoc assumptions that make Him too far removed to be simple!

     Might you give examples of theological nonsense?

More advanced silliness

Published 9 March 2012 by lordgriggs

    Why not consider Jewish advanced theology also? The same kind of silliness comes forth.

Mordecai, M. Kaplan* maintains that humanism whilst good as an ethic cannot motivate us to be our best selves to self-realize.God,he claims is the power behind our having salvation.: self-realization that inspires and endorses that well-being of self-realization.

No, he and Keith Ward and others offer no evidence that we need Him for that inspiration. We can get inspiration from other sources. actually, whatever the inspiration-crutch- placebo- we resort to our own inner resources, so why not realize that we are our motivators?

Jean-Paul Sartre notes rightly that we are responsible for our own projects purposes meanings, but her errs in finding the Cosmos and life absurd as Victor Stenger‘s book ” The Comprehensible Cosmos,” in effect, notes that comprehension makes the Cosmos meaningful. Animism makes the Cosmos absurd in that it would be at the whims of some spirit.

Miracles don’t happen for that reason! Miracles would testify against that, making for that arbitrariness, which whilst not over harming science would make it less than it is. Miracles would testify against His omnipotence.And then nevertheless to insist, why,,He has that unknown reason for the imperfections with which I previously dealt.

*Wiliam M.Kaufman,theist  Mortimer Shor,atheist           “A Question of Faith”