Advanced theology and advanced theologians

Published 24 February 2012 by lordgriggs

    Advanced theology rings no more true than any fundamentalist one, but acceptance of science does not mean no malarky! Advanced theologians use some of the same nonsense.

    Advanced theologian Keith Ward revels in being a born-again advanced theologian whilst he  imagines that being born again has made him a better person. No, he just used that as an excuse,crutch and placebo to get his own inner resources to work as others do with other religions or ideologies. How many born agains actually do morally better anyway?

    Plantinga claims we have to posit God to assure that we have truth-collecting faculties; no, we ourselves have to assure that by trial and error and using instruments and being diligent and using inter-subjectivity. Why would any rational person accept his begged question of agency/intent?

    William Lane Craig claims,along with Plantinga and Willian Alston, that he has the holy ghost epistemology to guide him: he feels that his own mental processes guarantee him the right to believe -faith- no matter if the evidence is contrary! That blasphemes reason! That provides the basis for extremism!

    William Swinburne misunderstands the Ockham when he prattles that God as a simple being fits it as naturalism has more to assume,but no, that misses the criteria as God has the convoluted, ad hoc assumptions that marks Him as providing way to many assumptions! And he feels that greater good stemmed from the Holocaust, but no, because more evil ensued with the evils attendant to establishing Israel and since. The UN could have established it otherwise! Peter Atkins told him where to go-rightly so!

   Craig and Swinburne both use redused animism in calling for God as the personal explanation for everything. What superstition!

  More anon.




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