Published 27 January 2012 by lordgriggs

Why Evolution Is True

It never ends, does it? Even in the face of palpable unconstitutionality, state legislatures keep trying to sneak creationism into American public schools.  Of course it’s illegal, but so long as religion holds sway in the U.S. we’re going to have initiatives like this.

As the National Center for Science Education reports, such a bill has just passed an Indiana state senate committee:

Indiana’s Senate Bill 89, which if enacted would allow local school districts to “require the teaching of various theories concerning the origin of life, including creation science,” was passed by the Senate Committee on Education and Career Development on January 25, 2012. . .

. . . Testimony against the bill stressed the unconstitutionality of teaching creation science, established by the Supreme Court in 1987. Among those testifying against the bill were John Staver, professor of chemistry and science education at Purdue University; Chuck Little, executive director…

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  • Thanks very much and please add more when possible. These blogs are to put naturalism/rationalism/skepticism onto the public square in addition to the gnu atheist scholars’ works. They are for you to post at whatever length desired. I’m the faciliator as much as the blogger. Google skeptic griggsy for my previous work. You might dissent.
    Please help counter the creationists at those blogs if possible Morgan-Lynn [Carneades of Ga.; Lord Griggs; Skeptic Griggsy ; other monikers

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