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Problems With Christianity [?]

Published 31 July 2011 by lordgriggs

Problems With Christianity [?]. The convoluted, ad hoc assumptions for Him shave Him away as not simple enought! Richard Swinburne cannot fathom that!

 His attributes and referents refuse to be simple!



Why bewail God’s non-existence?

Published 28 July 2011 by lordgriggs

People bleat when they use the non sequitur that, because God lacks existence, we are forlorn! No!
As John Paul Sartre maintains, we carry responsibility for our purposes. Our one life and human love and own purposes quite suffice. We need no future state and divine love and purpose!
We need no personal explanation for what happens in Nature. We need no super enforcer of morality to get people to be moral.
We need no God to help us help ourselves, albeit one can find other crutches and placebos for inspiration! We use our own inner resources anyway!

Psychology to the rescue!

Published 16 July 2011 by lordgriggs

That fraud Freud maintains that religion is the universal neurosis1 Augustine and Francisco Jose Ayala as much as admit that with their argument from angst that we are restless unless in His bosom and forlorn without meaning and purpose and grounded values. This reeks of the argument from ignorance as it bases itself on no facts! And none exist for the argument from happiness.
Our own meanings and purposes and himan love and values suffice; to prattle otherwise bespeaks of howling to the moon as Albert Ellis in effect notes in ” The Myth of Self- Esteem.” And to find that more abundant life, besides that good book, read Robert Price’s ” The Reason-Driven Life.”
Ayala errs in ” Darwin and Intelligent Design” about values; we discover them for ourselves. We need no divinity to tell us what to value whenever we use reason!
” Life is its own validation and reward and ultimate meaning to which neither God nor the future state can further validate.” Inquiring Lynn [ Google.]