Atheist Ethics: Who Decides What Is Good?

Published 8 June 2011 by lordgriggs

Atheist Ethics: Who Decides What Is Good?

via Atheist Ethics: Who Decides What Is Good?.


One comment on “Atheist Ethics: Who Decides What Is Good?

  • We decide what is good depending on the consequences for good or bad that we discern about people, other animals and the environment. We can use Jeremy Benthams’s criteria of pleasure and pain. What did the ancient religious do? When rational, they used this but when irrational like stoning cheeky children and sending people to Hell, they used their own whims and tastes.
    Therefore, when the superstitious bespeak God as the ground of morality, they just ignore that they really mean what those misanthorpes of yore prattled!
    Revelations reek of people’s own ideas! The Tanakh, the Christian Testament and the Qur’an have much false history and wrongful morality that misanthropes just made up! No Yahweh told anyone to fabricate the sojourn in Egypt and the Exodus and the Resurrection or Allah to cause Muslims to slay the non-Abrahamic religious.
    No God could ground morality as pace Plato in the Euthyphro, it is independent of Him, and we have to use it to determine if He indeed is good, meaning that it precedes Him as does causation such that He cannot be the Primary Cause for either morality or causation, for He depends on them!
    The superstitious – even Aquinas- cannot gainsay the dilemma of the Euthyphro that either morality is independent of Him, or He could make rape moral! To aver that His nature is good, begs the question with a definition, and definititions, faith and postulations cannnot instantiate Him! Furthermore, for the sake of argument, to accept His nature as good means that it is prior to Him or that He makes it so. Again, the dilemma wins!

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