Non-Theistic Objective Morality | Urban Philosophy

Published 7 June 2011 by lordgriggs

Non-Theistic Objective Morality | Urban Philosophy

via Non-Theistic Objective Morality | Urban Philosophy.


One comment on “Non-Theistic Objective Morality | Urban Philosophy

  • Covenant morality for humanity- the presumption of humanism provides a magnificent guide for life that biblical ethics so lacks reasn and indeed promotes an egregious one That of the Tanakh,w hich Jews don’t apply – no stoning cheeky children or people for picking up sticks on the Sabbath and Christians don’t show the other cheek or double the robber’s take as they actually use our humanist ethic when they use reason and facts.
    Why any rational person want to follow a jerk who relishes in prattlng about sending people to Hell?
    Any dissent/ Any yes, and here are other ethical faults.

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