Serious question to those who believe the unsaved will be annihilated rather than eternally tormented ? – Yahoo! Answers

Published 1 June 2011 by lordgriggs

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Nut-jobs just made u p Hell No God has rights over us per Lamberth’s argument from autonomy that our level of consciousness gives us the right to be frree beings, in line with Morgan’s Caon and the UN Declaration of the Rigts of Man.
We need no threat of Hell to be moral, and no God has the right to send us there and no right to demand worship or have a relationship with us. That putative relationship can never be an excuse for the horrors that theists prattle that free will and soul-making justify!
And outside those wacky scriptures, where does the evidence reveal Heaven and Hell and the future state and contral-causa [ causeless]l free will? As usual, John HIck and Alvin Plantinga err!
Ww gnu atheists mean business!


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