AC Grayling – Book Review: Questions of Truth: God, Science and Belief by John Polkinghorne and Nicholas Beale | New Humanist

Published 27 May 2011 by lordgriggs


This ponts to why aupernaturalism leads to nonsense; faith doth that to people!
Besides the scientific god of the gaps, the explanatory god of the god exists: BothAquinas in his etiological [ Primaty Cause] and Leibniz in his principle of sufficient explanation, err in thiking that He adds an extra dimension to explanations whilst we naturalists note,no, their God does no more than He wills what He wills, that tauology, which means no more than God did it, and no more sensible as the supreme explanaton above whatever natural explanation and cause we find.
Read Victor Stengers ” God: the Failed Hypothesis” to fahom better all this.


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