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Skeptic Griggsy: MWEB Forums: The Search for the Original Programmer.

Published 22 March 2011 by lordgriggs

Skeptic Griggsy: MWEB Forums: The Search for the Original Programmer.



Published 11 March 2011 by lordgriggs

   We rationalists, as opposed to the Continental Rationalists, use empiricism to validate beliefs.Reason removes mountains of ignorance whilst faith rests on the arguments from ignorance  and from incredulity.
    To obtain that more abundant life, we humans need to use reason and facts rather than unconfirmed intuitions, revelations and traditions.
    Alvin Plantinga, notwithstanding, we can from trial and error and our adaptation, fairly trust our reason.Animals that fail to use their faculties would extinguish themselves as they would not find the truth- eyes and ears that don’t let them know of dangers. We know that we’ve adapted enough to Nature so as to prevail. Ah, would Plantinga aver that perhaps, Satan makes us err, as he suggests in why God permits natural evils?
    Yes, his argument from reason- the self-refutation of naturalism -fails as do all the other teleological arguments do as they beg the question of desired outcomes. Ah, then no directed evolution can possibly exist, and atheistic evolution is an obfuscatory oxymoron.
    Faith, the we say so of incredulity, beg the question of its subject and as Sydney Hook notes, science is acquired knowledge whilst faith begs the question of being knowledge. Alister Earl McGrath, states that after theists find knowledge for His existence, then comes that leap of faith to make that a  certainty, and John Haught avers that faith empowers ones whole being, but  either way, faith opposes reason in that we rationalists,following William Kingdon Clifford to proportion our acceptance of matters on the acceptance of claims, and William James and Keith Ward notwithstanding, people don’t lose out on life but rather avoid scams.
     Rationalism produces results whilst theism is a parasite on it, never of itself , doing so. It makes for medical advances whilst theism only offers pie in the sky and-faith-healing and other miracles and a false sense of being.  When people declare that faith gets them through life’s difficulties, they ever ignore that it is their own inner resources at work.
    Studies adduce the face that prayer doesn’t work!
    And the theists’ arguments  from angst and from happiness-purpose lack evidence that we need Him to overcome restlessness as Augustine avers or overcome dread and find purpose as Francisco Jose Ayala claims. Counseling would help people to overcome dread as it did me, and our own meanings and purposes and human love and this one life suffice whilst to aver that as Ayala and William Lane Craig do that we need divine love and purpose and the future state, is no more than braying at the moon!
   Robert Price in ” The Reason-Driven Life,” and Albert Ellis in ” The Myth of Self-Esteem,” point the way to make people’s own valid purposes.
  Ayala in ” Darwinism and Intelligent Design,” errs in claiming that we need religion for values and purposes. No, philosophy can help us there!
   ” Life is its own validation and reward and ultimate meaning to which neither God nor the future state can further validate.” Inquiring Lynn