Victor Stenger: Absence of Evidence Is Evidence of Absence

Published 20 February 2011 by lordgriggs

Victor Stenger: Absence of Evidence Is Evidence of Absence

via Victor Stenger: Absence of Evidence Is Evidence of Absence.


One comment on “Victor Stenger: Absence of Evidence Is Evidence of Absence

  • Stenger is right in line with Charles Moore’s auto-epistemic rule.
    Whenever the superstitious invoke the look around argument and the argument from beauty they are using the argument from personal incredultity, answering with the argument from ignorance!
    Leibniz asks increduously why is there something rather than nothing, answering with the argument from ignorance that God explains why, but that explanation has no substance! How does He do things? By magic?
    What is the evidence that nothing could exist? Aquinas fails with his five ways, and this is the third way- the argument from contingency, but science finds no need for a divine sustainer of Existence! The law of conservation,applied to the quantum fields, is that they perforce are eternal, whence comes our matter-energy.
    This is scientific , at odds with any divine input!
    Per the teleonomic argument, not only does positing divine teleology violate the Ockham with its convoluted, add hoc assumptions about Him, it contradicts rather than complements science, which finds only that teleonomy- causalism- mechanism – rules.
    Stenger argues that science indeed refutes the supernatural! Were matters different, then- I add- were God not saddled with contradictory, incoherent attributes, He’d be the answer!
    Science finds no people riding to Heaven on a horse or dividing the Moon as Muhammad putatively did and finds no Virgin Birth, no miracles, no Resurrection of Yeshua and no Assumption of his mother! The evidence rings loud and clear- no answered prayers but the fallacy of ad hoc, propter hoc- coincidence. And the suerstitious prattle about it’s up to Him whether the answer is yes or no, just another of their many rationalizations akin to those of its twin superstition the paranormal.^! The Vatican’s panels on miracles have found few and will find fewer and fewer as mediical science advances, and those few we skeptics find just have natural causes! Why the silly apparitions of Mary when exists genocide?
    Why did Yeshua do so few miracles in the face of so much misery? Why just to a favored few?
    Why would Yahweh favor just one people anyway?
    Archeologists and historians find no sojurn in Egypt and no Exodus and no darkness and no rising of zombies at the time of that putative Resurrection! Indeed, there’s no confirmation that Yeshua did and spoke as stated in the Gospels!
    Why would any rational person even want to be superstitious?
    We gnu atheists mean business!
    David Hume and William Kingdon Clifford are right in demanding evidence proportionate to the claim!

    Paul Kurtz ” The Transcendental Temptation”

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